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Zero - waste, eco & vegan friendly, customisable candles

Made with natural soya wax, generously scented and beautifully made


"I have recently bought a candle from The Tantalising Candle and I can't believe how long the scent and wax lasts! My home has never smelt so good. Super efficient, and so straight forward! I highly recommend and will definitely be buying more in the future! Thank you!!"



Who We Are

Our Story

Candles have been loved far and wide for many years. Not only do they provide light during the dark, they emit beautiful aromas that fill your soul with happiness. Candles are very visually soothing and are relatively low maintenance. Over the years, we have experimented with many different types of candles, ultimately creating our favourite.

With a mix of community upcycling, natural wax and supporting local UK business, we have perfected our gift to the world. 

With a carefully selected combination of all-natural soya wax, essential oils and colours, we have created candles that are guaranteed to burn twice the length of your average candle!**

Lovingly made to order, you can select the scent and colour. Sizes range from 150ml to 750ml, with bespoke orders and individual requests encouraged!

Our collections are carefully selected. Delivery options and payment methods are flexible. Browse through our product gallery and experience shopping with thetantalisingcandle for yourself. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions. 



Take a Look at some of my other designs

Raw Obsidian - Hand Polished

Natural Obsidian mirrored centrepiece

This piece took over 26 hours to polish. Based off of the energy, history and stigma of Obsidian, I wanted to recreate a piece that reflected the positive and soothing energy transfer from the maker to the user through this one of piece. There really is beauty within the eye of the beholder.

origami table

Origami Table - Prototype

Inspired by the complex nature of Japanese art, I created a proto type of a folding table inspired by the art of Origami. The intricate folds and tucks required in this art signifies that complexity and beauty of its creation.

Our Sick Home

Smelly Jelly

Inspired by the UN goal 13: Climate Action, Smelly Jelly is a personal representation of how humans are treating the world, the natural animals and better yet - us. Using trash, upcycled material and pre-owned products, I created a 'zero waste' campaign to raise awareness about our sick world on a visual and emotional scale.

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